Dome Home for Sale in NW Minnesota

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Dome Home for Sale in NW Minnesota

Postby andymcminn » Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:47 am

6200 square foot of floor area in 3 interconnected domes 26' tall. Diameters 46'-30.5'-46'. Partial 2 story. Located in NW Minnesot, 80 miles east of Grand Forks, ND. On 35 acres in an agricultural setting. 23 acres tillable farmland. Domes insulated with 4 inches of 3 pound density foam. Shell is almost finished. Will finish shell as part of purchase price. Email for detailed pictures and floor plans. Property includes 40' X 80' foam insulated quonset, 28' X 30' foam insulated shop building, and a 32' X 60' quonset. Price is negotiable.

phone: 207-604-2948

Currrent building status:

Shell interior is lacking the finish coat of concrete and embedding rebar in the dormers and some of the first story openings. First story overhangs are all attached, made of roof density foam. Foam dormers are made but not attached yet. Exterior to have acrylic coating then synthetic stucco applied. Approximately 5 weeks of work will finish the interior and exterior of the dome shell.
Petra Dome and Property 001 thumb.jpg
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